1) We do both Mac products and PC computer repairs.
2) We also provide IT services for small businesses.
3)  Google Home and Amazon Echo/Dot.
4) We make small business websites.

logos-on-grayComputer Repair: Are you having problems with your computer? Computer Repair Company can fix your computer at your location or ours. Computer fixing is our game!

We work on all brands of desktops, laptops, and also provide repair services for Apple devices including iPads, iPhones, and iPods. We do upgrades, hard drive replacement, screen replacement and all major upgrades to your computer. Our expertise can get you back up and running!

Computer Upgrades: Is your computer running slow or having trouble installing the latest software? It may be time for an operating system update or memory upgrade.

Upgrading memory and hard drives can make a big difference your computer's performance. Make sure your computer is at it's best by installing the latest operating system. We can guide you through the process and help you decide if an OS update is right for you.

We Work On: Acer, Alienware, Apple, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, IBM, Macbook, Sony, Samsung, and Toshiba... Name just a few!

Apple Product Repair: Computer Repair company services APPLE products.. We perform a diagnosis of your problem and can perform touch screen repair, LCD replacement, battery replacement, hard drive replacement, water damage repair and fix problems with buttons and jacks.

Virus Removal: Virus and Spyware removal is an important part of our business. Even if you are using virus protection it's easy to get infected with a virus or Trojan that is almost impossible for the non-technical person to remove. Computer Repair Company can detect and remove all the viruses, Trojans, and Spyware that may be resident on your machine. We can also install the latest patches for your operating system and anti-virus software that will protect your computer from being infected agai

Diagnostics: Most things starts with a diagnostic and ours includes the following task: 1) Quick scan for a computer virus, 2) A hard drive test, 3) A motherboard test, 4) Visual inspection of the power connect externally (laptop), 5) Check for windows updates (does not include installing the updates), and 6) Update anti-virus (if applicable). Fixing computers is our game and we need to know what to fix first, thus we use this diagnostic to look at the total health of your computer so we can advise you best on the fixing of your computer.


Building a Basic Computer: We can build you a basic windows computer at a reasonable cost. What we offer is 1) 500 GB SATA Hard Drive, 2) Intel Celeron Dual Core Processor, 3) 2 GB DDR3 RAM, and 4) A Foxconn G41MXE-V motherboard.

Building a Gaming Computer: This is a very custom build and we need to work closely with the customer to identify their needs, budget, and equipment they desire. Once we understand all the costs and schedules, we can order parts and be building in a short length of time. As most parts can be shipped within a week or two, custom built computers like this can be a real plus for a gamer. Cost varies on parts and schedule.

Refurbished Computers: As the market continues to soar upwards in the cost of computers, many times a used refurbished computer makes more sense. We have both desktop and laptop refurbished computers that we put through our diagnostic tests to make sure the components are in a healthy condition. However, with any used device things can fail so we do offer a warranty of 60 days free labor and 60 days of parts at our cost, should something happen. How to repair computers are our specialty so even with refurbished computers we can fix them if there is an issue.

House Calls: Yes the doctors in the house! We do house calls for 1) I.T. Services, 2) Printer setup, 3) Network setup, 4) Computer set up and more. We can check your routers or help you setup your wifi network. If we find that your computer needs hardware or more extensive diagnostic then we will transport your computer to our shop. We will discuss any additional fees with you at that time.

Data Recovery: It's best to have backups of your data but if your computer crashes and you need to recover valuable information we can provide data recovery from your hard drive. Our data disk recovery service will retrieve all available information from your computer. The turnaround time on this service depends on the severity of hard drive damage.

Affordable Websites: Yes, we have found a market to assist our customers with making affordable and fast websites for their businesses. Finally someone who is standing up for the small business in America and helping them make more money!