We would sure like to try however depending on the problem to fix it might take some time for parts or the like. We can tell you once we have run a diagnostic.
Yes. We need to take time to look into the issues with your computer and this is just like going to the doctor. You pay for a doctors visit regardless of the outcome of the visit. So we are much like a doctor as we take our time with your computer to best advise of you a course of action.
This depends on what needs to be done. If it's a software fix like a virus removal and updates; that takes about one day to make sure we got all the virus's out. If it's a hardware failure it might take up to 4 days to fix as we have to order parts.
Most times the answer is YES. If we can repair it and it works for another 3 years or so, it's well worth the money when compared to a new purchase. Now, there are some times that it isn't worth it and we will tell you. There are cases that a burned up mother board comes in for repair. We look up the replacement mother board and any historical comments on the mother board. Some times we find models where the mother board was replaced and it only lasted 6 months. Seems they had a history of that design not doing well so we would then recommend against replacing the mother board. Another great option is to purchase one of our re-furbished
Yes we work on all apple products.
Most of the time yes. It can be as simple as a bad charger or a charger connection. Some times hard drives fail too but all that is easy.
Yes we do! We can assist you getting your computer back on line if you have a broken screen! Come by and let us take a look at it then we can advise you as to the cost.
Yes. We have several plans that can help you keep up with the maintenance of your computer. One is the remote plan of Log Me In where we can put a small snippet of code on your machine and access it remotely (only with your permission). We can also provide your computer with a "computer tune up". Many times this makes your machine fast like it was when it was new!
Yes. We can get ride of your computer virus before it starts to do physical harm to your computer. Yes, that is right a virus can physically harm or even kill your computer. Some viruses can make your processor work overtime and that will burn it out! So if you think you have a virus get in fast and don't let it "multiply" all over your computer.
You most likely have what is called "the hidden virus". Some hacker got a great idea to move your files so you can't find them. They think that is funny but for computer owners it's a mess. Not too costly however. What you need to have is a virus removal. We do that; as well as, other computer shops. Bring the infected computer by either of our three shops and we can get you back working on your computer!
Most of the time they can be fixed. Depends on how bad it is. For example if you lose a motherboard then its usually not advisable to replace it. Many manufacturers don't support the industry with new motherboards thus we have to get used or second source boards and that is always a gamble. However, sometimes it's worth it and we research every one individually.
We do everything except data recovery from a dead hard drive. If your hard drive doesn't power up at all then you are into sending it into a data recovery company. They are fairly expensive too! However, if your hard drive powers up then we can usually get the data off the drive.